Brooklyn Estate Planning Lawyer

Brooklyn Estate Planning Lawyer

Brooklyn Estate Planning Lawyer

A Brooklyn estate planning lawyer is a specialized lawyer who, having undergone years of professional training and mentorship, has expertise in handling affairs of clients involving estate planning and offering legal advice on preparing for the possibility of incapacitation due to age and eventually death.

It is vital and in your best interests to have an estate plan. You may have amassed a bulk of wealth during your life time and now you’re looking towards the inevitable. All your life’s work will not leave with you, and so you have to plan how this assets and estates will be managed or distributed when you pass on. This is a challenging time, as every decision you make will advently affect your surviving family members. You may be confused as to what proportion of your estate to distribute to each person; or you may want all your estate to go into the hands of just one trusted person that’s very dear to you; you may also be worried about your health care when you become too old to care for your own self; or you may even be at a loss as to how to document all these things down lawfully; These, among other things, are the areas where the Brooklyn Estate planning lawyer can offer you legal advice or guidance.

Note that while if you neglect having an estate plan and a will before you die, all estate of yours will be entrusted into the jurisdiction of the state in which you owned the assets. Also, if your will is written in such a manner that it goes against the state laws, your will will be invalid and your estate will as well be administered by the state. State laws as regards estate administration and writing of wills vary from state to state, therefore you need a qualified and experienced Brooklyn estate planning lawyer who is well vast in the state laws binding Brooklyn to help you prepare your estate plan so that you do not make costly mistakes on your own. Hence, why wait any longer? Contact a Brooklyn estate planning lawyer today.

Specific services which the Brooklyn estate planning lawyer will offer you

Writing of wills

A will is a legal document that states how the estate assets of a deceased will be managed, administered or distributed among certain parties known as the beneficiaries. As an elderly person, it is advisable you hasten up and write your will before it is too late and to do this right, you need the legal assistance of a Brooklyn estate planning lawyer. Writing of wills is not as simple as it may seem and you’re liable to make costly mistakes if you write this will on your own without adequate knowledge on the Brooklyn laws. Hence you need a highly competent Brooklyn estate planning lawyer to help you draft your it.


This is a legal document transferring all your estate into the sole possession of another person. For instance, you have an only child, spouse or a particular loved one who you want to transfer all your life’s earnings into their hands. Simply have a Brooklyn estate planning lawyer prepare the trust document in that person’s name. This will prevent the complex probate process and unnecessary contest of will after you die.

Healthcare Documents

Health care documents are completed when you’ve done your estate plan and mostly include health care proxy and others. Should you become incapacitated due to age, his documents will guide medical personnel on how you want your medical affairs to be handled. The document will also spell out the person to oversee your medical health care and make decisions on your behalf.

Power of Attorney

This document names the person to act and make important decisions on your behalf.

Life Insurance Policies

The Brooklyn estate planning lawyer will also help you in your life insurance policy matters, whether or not you already have one in place.

The need for having these above listed items can never be overemphasized, and we’re here to offer these services to you. Therefore, worry no more, contact a Brooklyn estate planning lawyer today.